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Meet Otto!

November 20, 2019

Otto is the newest member of 4 Paws. 4 Paws is a rescue group that was started at the Clementon Animal Hospital as a way for the hospital and staff to help animals in need.

When Otto came to us in early 2011 he was a 35 pound cat! In human terms, this is comparable to a 500 pound person. He was surrendered to us by his owner because he could no longer manage his care. We started him on Royal Canin calorie control which is a prescription weight loss diet and over a 12 months period he lost 10 lbs!

Otto has been attracting attention from everybodyincluding numerous new stations. View Otto’s most recent television appearance here.

Otto is helping us get the word out on feline obesity. Owners are often unaware of their options in getting their cat to lose weight. A high quality diet and increased activity are very important. Otto may be cute, but he faces many health concerns which are direct and indirect results of his obesity. These include diabetesliver diseasejoint painskin problems, and digestive problems.

Otto is a BIG love and we are working on getting him to a point where he can make a transition to a great home!